testimonial for copywriting

A Testimonial for Copywriting

I recently did some coaching work with a recruiter. 

One of the things I urged him to do was invest a small amount of money in a copywriter to produce a job ad for one of his better clients – let’s call them Client A.

I wanted him to see the difference in performance between a good job ad and a bad job ad – especially in his market where there aren’t lots of available candidates.

He did and, unsurprisingly, the ad performed well. 

The more interesting part of this story happened a week or so later.

He told me about a meeting he’d had with another client – let’s call them Client B.

This was a client who he’d only previously worked with on contingency and the meeting was scheduled for him to pitch a retained service.

During this meeting, the recruiter showed Client B a copy of the job ad he’d run for the Client A, suggesting it was the type of thing he’d also like to do for him.

Client B was impressed.

To quote the recruiter..

“I thought he was going to start a heavy petting session with me when he read it. It blew him away. Even I didn’t think copywriting could be that powerful!”

He got exclusivity.

He could have got a retainer, but decided against it because filling Client B’s vacancy was probably not going to be straightforward.

The meeting finished with the client saying…

“How much extra will it cost?”

That’s just one of the things good recruitment copywriting does. It can encourage people to want to spend more money.

Another is that it adds far greater perceived value to your recruitment service.

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