An advert always beats a description

A job description and a job advert are two different things, that have two different purposes, and that should be used at different stages of the recruitment process.

Nobody wants to read a long boring job description at the browsing stage of their job search – regardless of how active or passive they are.

By taking our Copywriting for Recruiters training course, you’ll discover the theory behind writing effective job adverts (not job descriptions) and practice a tried-and-tested formula that you can implement for all your future adverts, emails, InMails, and social media posts.

The course is specially designed for you if you work in recruitment agency or a corporate talent acquisition team. It’s also helpful for HR professionals and hiring managers and suits all levels of experience.

Online Course

You’ll learn how to write effective job ads.

Job ads that stand out because they’re more interesting to read and more likely to get responded to by the right people.



Online Course + Individual Coaching

You’ll learn how to sell jobs more effectively in writing.

And that’s regardless of whether the channels used are job postings, emails, LinkedIn Inmails or social media.


Online Course + Workshop

A bespoke programme for corporate recruiters, HR professionals, and groups from recruitment agencies.

Includes the pre-recorded course, a writing assignment and customised live training as a group. Each workshop can cater for between 6 and 10 delegates.


I've followed Mitch for some time and his content always resonates with me. This course is going to be very useful in crafting future job ads, direct messaging, and in marketing myself as an expert in this area.

Ward Hampton
Ward Hampton View Linkedin Profile

Everyone on our team has done this course, as will all future employees too.

Cian Crosse
Cian Crosse View Linkedin Profile

As we're getting ready to scale our start-up, we need to have really great job ads and attract top talent. Although the course wasn't exactly designed for me, it was really eye opening and I've got some immediate ideas to rewrite my job ads. Highly recommended.

Chris Kranz
Chris Kranz View Linkedin Profile

This course is essential if you work in candidate-driven sectors. Without great adverts, you can’t attract great candidates. This course will give you the tools and strategies to do that.

Damien Deighan
Damien Deighan View Linkedin Profile

Over the years, I've attended a LOT of L&D programs/courses and they usually don't connect with me the way this one did. Seriously the most valuable training course I've been on in years!

Ez Khan
Ez Khan View Linkedin Profile

I liked the way the course referenced studies and data and used stories to make the concepts more real. The tests between modules were fun and the UX was flawless. If I left it and came back the next day, I could jump back in with no problem.

Kiera Tsenti
Kiera Tsenti View Linkedin Profile

I learnt so much, from structuring the ad to learning what hooks work best, etc. If every recruiter went on this course, job searching would be a dream for everyone!

Jason Howlin
Jason Howlin View Linkedin Profile

The content is spot on, and the bite-size delivery is straight-talking. Perfect for those with busy schedules or a short attention span. Thanks again!

Joanne Bell
Jo Bell View Linkedin Profile

Thought provoking, clever and refreshing. The idea you have torn up the traditional way of writing a job ad is great and very current to how I see organisations wanting to engage with their audience.

Toby Wurthman
Toby Wurthman View Linkedin Profile

A job description and a job advert are two different things.

One of the things that frustrates me about my industry is its proclivity to conflate these two pieces of content. I have tried to point out the differences here and here and here, but I guess no one’s read them yet. So to add some texture to all the preaching I’ve been doing, here’s an actual example of the…

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