The Online Course

You’ll learn how to write effective job ads. Job ads that stand out because they’re more interesting to read and therefore more likely to get responded to by the right people.

This pre-recorded course takes around 3 hours to complete and you’ll have access for 30 days.

The cost per person is £330.

All prices include sales tax.


What’s in it?

10 chapters containing 38 bitesize lessons made up of text, videos, downloads, activities and quizzes = about 3 hours of learning.


  • What’s in this course?
  • How the course works
  • Before you start

Putting job advertising into context

  • History of job advertising
  • Trends in job advertising
  • Do candidates search online for jobs?
  • Where most job ads go wrong
  • Job ads & job descriptions (FREE PREVIEW)
  • Identifying key facts
  • Which facts to include
  • Self-assessment: Putting job advertising into context

Putting yourself in the reader’s shoes

  • See things from your reader’s point of view
  • Why people leave jobs: The Tegze study
  • Tegze: Interpreting the results
  • Where people read ads
  • Self-assessment: Putting yourself in the reader’s shoes

4-step formula for writing effective ads

  • Introducing AIDA
  • Self-assessment: Four-step formula for writing effective ads

Grabbing attention

  • Grabbing attention
  • What is a headline?
  • Writing headlines that stand out
  • Headline-writing techniques

Maintaining interest

  • Structure of your ad
  • How people read online
  • Keeping people’s interest
  • Self-assessment: Maintaining interest

Generating desire

  • Using support language
  • Facts and stories
  • Turning features into benefits
  • Self-assessment: Generating desire

Prompting action

  • Call to action
  • Where the CTA goes wrong
  • Sample ad

Trends in copywriting

  • Openness, honesty and transparency
  • Copywriting advice


  • Using your new skills
  • Summary
  • How did you get on?


A must for any recruiter, agency or in-house. This is a fantastic course which will provide you with the necessary info and guidance to to write persuasive ad copy.

Alex Marriner
Alex Marriner View Linkedin Profile

You’ll never write an advert in the same way again! What a great and easily digestible course! Love the set up and being able to do it at my own pace.

Alice Heffernan
Alice Heffernan View Linkedin Profile

The course made me realise how little I actually knew and how much I still have to learn. It was a daunting feeling, but their expertise has been invaluable in helping me to think about copywriting in a newer, more professional way.

Ben Jackson
Ben Jackson View Linkedin Profile

Recruitment is about marginal gains and this course will help you understand the history of job ads and how easily you can turn a job description into something people will want to read! I really enjoyed this course.

Christoph Wiederhold View Linkedin Profile

This course really set me on my way to billing more. It also help me review how I communicated and interacted with people, not just via an advert but in person.

Graeme Harper
Graeme Harper View Linkedin Profile

I still have a long way to go before I’m an expert job ad writer, but this course lays some great foundations for becoming good at it. It’s given me a solid framework to follow and some short, snappy phrases that will make my adverts flow.

Jordan MacDonald
Jordan MacDonald View Linkedin Profile

The MD of a company that I wrote an advert for said: ‘I’d apply for that myself’. Great course. It’s changed the way I look at marketing my jobs & myself.

Michael Hewitt
Michael Hewitt View Linkedin Profile


What technology do I need?

All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone and high-speed internet access.

Can I see a preview?

Yes. To access a free lesson, please click here. You can see the course overview here.

This should give you a better sense of the quality and style of the course and the integrity of the content.

Can I contact the tutor(s)?

This is designed to be a self-contained online course. However, if you have any questions or need any help, please email

How do I pay?

You can pay in your own currency using PayPal or your credit/debit card. The fee includes VAT or whatever sales tax applies in your country.

If your company process requires an invoice in advance of payment, please email

Is there a satisfaction guarantee?

If you work through the entire course and you’re not satisfied, please let us know within 30 days of signing up. Email and we’ll see what we can do for you.