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What people have said about On Recruitment

“Two pages in and I’m hooked. This is a wonderful book – accessible, wise, witty and more profound that you might imagine. A modern day (acerbic) Aesop’s Fables for recruiters.”
Hung Lee, Recruiting Brainfood

“Mitch is a recruiter with over 25 years industry experience who writes about whatever the hell he likes. He is massively opinionated but often hits the nail on the head. On a personal level I’ve known Mitch for 20 years and during that time have often wanted to punch him in the face. I’ve just as often laughed out loud as his superb sense of humour and writing style.”
Louise Triance,

“While this is a collection of blogs, it’s up there with the best books written about recruitment. Straight to the point. Zero BS. Sharp, witty and ruthlessly accurate. Mitch’s style of writing isn’t for the faint-hearted. Then again, great recruiters aren’t. I wish I could have read this 17 years ago. For anyone breaking into recruitment, it’s the best pound short of a fiver you’re likely to spend.”
Mark Pearce, The Water Corporation

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