About Us

By 2015, Mitch Sullivan had seen enough people on social media complaining about getting bad responses to their job postings and enough job postings that were little more than a cut and paste of a job description, to think that maybe something could be done about it. 

He decided to build a copywriting training programme specifically for recruiters and asked Jackie Barrie to help him do it. It took off almost immediately and has grown steadily ever since. 

One of the reasons the training course is so effective is that it’s based on the fundamental principles that have been the basic DNA of all forms of direct response advertising for around 120 years.

Another reason is that it brings together the skills, knowledge and sensibilities of two people who come at the subject matter form 2 different directions. Jackie Barrie; who has been a generalist copywriter for over 30 years and Mitch Sullivan; who has been a recruiter (and who has always taken job advertising seriously) for a similar length of time.

The course (and the associated coaching 121s and workshops) are faithful replications of the 1-day training programme they both delivered in training rooms all over the country between 2015 and 2020. It has been fully road tested.

Your Trainers

Mitch Sullivan

Mitch Sullivan started in recruitment 33 years ago. You might recognise him from LinkedIn, where he regularly shares his insights into the industry, and has tens of thousands of followers.

In 2015, he invited Jackie to join him in creating, developing and delivering live Copywriting for Recruiters courses up and down the UK and Ireland.

Since then, they’ve trained almost 2,000 recruiters how to write better job ads.

Jackie Barrie

Jackie Barrie has worked for 30+ years as a generalist copywriter, both in-house (where she was a hiring manager) and freelance. She has run training courses for over a decade, both online and offline.

She’s also spoken at conferences around the world, and has published books on marketing, networking, writing for the web, and icebreakers & energisers for speakers and trainers.

She has a degree in psychology and originally trained as a journalist. For more information, please see jackiebarrie.com