Group Programme

(Online Course + Workshop)

A bespoke programme for corporate recruiters, HR professionals, and groups from bigger recruitment agencies. Includes pre-recorded course, writing assignment and customised live interactive training as a group.

Please contact Mitch for a group invoice and coupon code for your attendees to access the programme without paying individual fees.

The cost per person is £546. All prices include sales tax.

The minimum number needed to run a group programme is 6 people.

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What’s in the online course?

10 chapters containing 38 bitesize lessons made up of text, videos, downloads, activities and quizzes = about 3 hours of learning. Followed by 121 coaching with Mitch who will work with you on one of your newly written job ads.


  • What’s in this course?
  • How the course works
  • Before you start

Putting job advertising into context

  • History of job advertising
  • Trends in job advertising
  • Do candidates search online for jobs?
  • Where most job ads go wrong
  • Job ads & job descriptions (FREE PREVIEW)
  • Identifying key facts
  • Which facts to include
  • Self-assessment: Putting job advertising into context

Putting yourself in the reader’s shoes

  • See things from your reader’s point of view
  • Why people leave jobs: The Tegze study
  • Tegze: Interpreting the results
  • Where people read ads
  • Self-assessment: Putting yourself in the reader’s shoes

4-step formula for writing effective ads

  • Introducing AIDA
  • Self-assessment: Four-step formula for writing effective ads

Grabbing attention

  • Grabbing attention
  • What is a headline?
  • Writing headlines that stand out
  • Headline-writing techniques

Maintaining interest

  • Structure of your ad
  • How people read online
  • Keeping people’s interest
  • Self-assessment: Maintaining interest

Generating desire

  • Using support language
  • Facts and stories
  • Turning features into benefits
  • Self-assessment: Generating desire

Prompting action

  • Call to action
  • Where the CTA goes wrong
  • Sample ad

Trends in copywriting

  • Openness, honesty and transparency
  • Copywriting advice


  • Using your new skills
  • Summary
  • How did you get on?

What’s Next

  • Practice your ad-writing skills

Some of our previous clients


Mitch and Jackie’s course helped us move our job adverts from boring job descriptions to engaging, focused copy. This has had a substantially positive impact on the candidates that apply (and don’t apply) for our roles.

Chris Downes
Chris Downes View Linkedin Profile

Impactful, straight-talking, empowering. What more would we expect from Jackie and Mitch?

Daen Fox

After working in recruitment for nearly 20 years, I thought I knew a thing or two about marketing job vacancies. This course has taught me a stack of new information that I’ll be putting to immediate use.

Mark Pearce
Mark Pearce View Linkedin Profile

How does tripling your advert engagement sound? That’s what it did for me. I’ve had candidates say ‘I wasn’t really looking, but I loved how the company sounded in the ad’.

Sarah Potter
Sarah Potter View Linkedin Profile

Highly recommended. Would do it again. You should too.

Karol Rychwalski
Karol Rychwalski View Linkedin Profile

Across Talent Acquisition we spend a fortune advertising our jobs, but tend to spend far less actually upgrading and improving the content within them. So it was great to get some external support, training and perspective on our job adverts.

Simon Halkyard
Simon Halkyard View Linkedin Profile

The content and delivery of the course was outstanding. Have been waiting for the online version of this course for many years.

Namrata Rajan
Namrata Rajan View Linkedin Profile


What technology do I need?

All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone and high-speed internet access.

Can I see a preview?

Yes. To access a free lesson, please click here. You can see the course overview here. This should give you a better sense of the quality and style of the course and the integrity of the content.

Why are the workshops limited to a maximum of 10 people?

Experience has taught us that it becomes harder to give everyone the individual attention they need if there are more than 10 delegates. The ideal number is 8.

Will this course help me become a better writer?

Yes. Once you learn structure and some fundamental copywriting techniques, you will gradually become a better writer, the more you practice.

Do I need to be naturally creative?

No. Being creative isn’t necessary to produce effective job adverts. It’s more about assembling your ad in the right way and presenting the information in a way that encourages the reader to want to keep reading. Creativity is far less reliable than structure and clear, unambiguous writing.