The marketing advice branding experts don’t want recruitment agencies to hear.

There’s lots of marketing advice out there telling recruiting agencies to differentiate themselves. Most of it is ignored for two reasons:

1. The advice is rubbish.

2. The agency realises they aren’t any different to any other agency and so just do what they’re all doing.

This is called Me Too Marketing and basically means the agency will just say what every other agency is saying.

Things like:

“…exceeding our clients’ expectations”

“…get to know your business and your culture”

“…world class recruitment service”

“…market leading”

“…award winning”

All of it boring and much of it simply not true.

To be fair to agencies, they do all broadly work the same way and there are only so many things you can say about their business model. All that’s left are the adjectives the agency choose to convey how great they think they are, and let’s be honest here, nobody’s buying that.

So, we’re agreed that a recruitment agency’s funnel of good marketing material is incredibly narrow.

What can they do to widen that funnel?

There is one thing that all agencies have that would enable them to massively expand their range of marketing content.


Job vacancies are an inexhaustible supply of fresh marketing material. That’s because they all have different environments, bosses, cultures, products, services, locations, benefits, financial rewards, etc…

Let me emphasis this point because it’s important…


If agencies spent less of their marketing budget on things like their website, branding, blogging, mass emailing and posting inane quotes on LinkedIn and more of it on simply producing great job advertising, they’d never run out of new things to say, all of which would help prove to the outside world that they’re better recruiters than their competitors.

Can building a reputation as a recruitment agency that produces great job ads ever be anything other than a good thing?

The worst that can happen is you’ll find better candidates.

The best that can happen is that candidates and clients start to call you because they’ve seen you consistently publish good job ads – ads that have conditioned them to believe that you probably are better recruiters than those other agencies who do little more than cut and paste large sections of the job description.

I suppose it could be argued that the agency could cheat by using copywriters instead of writing their ads themselves. For me, that wouldn’t be cheating, it would be money well spent.

The reality is that copywriters are only capable of producing good job ads if they’ve been given a good job brief, so that wouldn’t work for very long. Most copywriters I know would rather starve than have to churn-out made-up copy on jobs that all sound the same.

So, stop churning-out the same narrow shit as every other agency that basically reads as little more than “We’re really good at our jobs, honestly!” and instead start crafting well-written job ads that give a live demonstration of your ability to attract the right people to your client’s job vacancies.

Showing is always more powerful than telling.

If you don’t know how to produce good job ads, there is training available. If you’d rather use copywriters, that would be good too. Contact me and I’ll send you some names of recruitment copywriters I use.

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