do you have an artistic side

Do you have an artistic side?

Recruitment can sometimes be quite boring.

It’s a relentless sausage factory, pumping out hour after hour of tedious tasks; sales, processing, sifting, chasing, smiling, chatting, handshaking, presenting, travelling, meeting.

Some of the more happy-clappy of you may disagree that all those tasks are tedious. But trust me, they’ll become tedious once you’ve been doing this for about 10 years.

A lot of recruiters talk a good game on LinkedIn; “Met up with a fantastic client today and really looking forward to finding them some people to take their business forward”.

Then you press ‘post’ and drop your iPhone into your limp M&S sandwich, you lean your forehead on the window of the 4.15 from Paddington to Reading and you let out a sigh that can be heard from space because you know the only person who’s going to ‘like’ it is your boss.

During the second world war, Winston Churchill was asked if funds should be diverted from the arts to the war effort. He replied; “Then what are we fighting for?” Turns out this is just one of many false quotes attributed to Churchill, but I like it so I’m going to use it.

So, what are you fighting for?

Money’s great, building a business is rewarding, making clients and candidates happy can be great at times.

But next time you’re about to post another dull job ad, just stop.

This is your chance to enjoy the process a bit more. Yeah, yeah, you’re pushed for time, I’ve heard it all before. I also know that you’ve got enough time to check Facebook and Twitter 14 times, scan JustEat and play Words With Friends on that short rail journey.

Don’t you want to enjoy your job a bit more? Don’t you want to use the creative bit of your brain that hasn’t been tickled since you scraped through GCSE pottery?

Those of you who know me will not have me down as a patchouli-oil wearing, joss-stick burning, art-school fop.

And yet, sometimes I sprinkle parsley on my dinner. Why? Because it looks nice. It makes me smile.

More importantly, it makes the people sat around me smile and it can be a bit of a conversation starter too.

 What I’m saying is, it’s worth it. It doesn’t change the fact that my eggs are overdone or that my chips aren’t cooked through. It just cheers things up. It is its own reward.

Art of any kind can do that. It makes more of the mundane. It turns functional into fun. It can change shitty process into a show-stopping performance.

Enjoy writing ads. Enjoy adding an image. Enjoy stirring the pot a little, making some noise, standing out.

It won’t make any of us Don Draper, but it will brighten your day no-end. And it might just catch a few more candidates who are looking for imagination, quirks, something different. It might impress your clients. Or it might just make you smile.

It makes life worth living.

Without it, as Churchill didn’t say, what’s the point?

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