• Why do this course?

    Writing better job ads, emails, Inmails and social media posts will attract better quality applicants and amplify your employer brand. The blended course is created bespoke for your organisation and your team's writing skills.

  • What does it include?

    Online training plus half-day live Zoom session with Mitch Sullivan and Jackie Barrie. Your team will receive personalised feedback on their own copywriting skills plus one month of personal reinforcement coaching.

  • Who is it for?

    This blended course is tailored each time for groups hiring on behalf of one brand. Recruiters who attend might be from in-house recruitment teams, corporate HR departments, or medium-to-large recruitment agencies.

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How it works

PART 1: Pre-recorded training

First, trainees work through the pre-recorded part of the training course here. This will take them around 3 hours.

PART 2: Assignment

They then use what they’ve learned to write a job ad and email it to us. We’ll mark it up and work on their draft copy during part 3 of the course.

PART 3: Zoom training

In this live half-day Zoom course, recruiter Mitch Sullivan, copywriter Jackie Barrie (and any guest tutors we bring in) will recap the key learnings from the pre-recorded part, and answer any questions. Most importantly, we'll give everyone personal feedback on their own writing approach and style.

During this part of the course, delegates rewrite their advert based on the comments they've received. They'll end the session with probably the best job ad they've ever written.

Note that this group training isn't just customised based on the employer brand and the attendees' own ads, it also has plenty of breaks and interaction. This means that delegates don’t spend time passively sitting in front of the screen.

A maximum of 10 recruiters will be on the call, so don’t think of this part like a training course. It’s more like group mentoring or consultancy.

PART 4: Reinforcement coaching

And it doesn't end there, because all attendees are entitled to a whole month of one-to-one support where Mitch will help them develop their job ads.

P.S. When restrictions allow, we deliver the entire course in person, on-site, anywhere in the UK or worldwide.

Discuss dates and details

What does it cost?

£400 per delegate plus VAT

Mitch will provide you with a group invoice and a secret discount code so your team can access the pre-recorded part of the course.

Scottish Power
Thomas Thor Associates
Network Rail


Elevate your adverts

Simon Halkyard, Asda

Across Talent Acquisition we spend a fortune advertising our jobs. But tend to spend far less actually upgrading and improving the content within them... So it was great to get some external support, training and perspective on our job adverts through Mitch Sullivan and Jackie Barrie’s Copywriting course. If you are looking to elevate your adverts I recommend giving them a shout.

Substantially positive impact

Chris Downes, XPO Logistics

Mitch and Jackie’s course helped us revolutionise our job adverts from boring job descriptions to engaging, focused copy. This has had a substantially positive impact on the candidates that apply (and don’t apply) for our roles. The course is enjoyable, interactive and thought-provoking. I ensure every new member of my team goes on the course and I’m yet to receive anything other than overwhelming feedback and vastly improved ability to write adverts.

Even after 20 years, I have learnt so much

Mike Tonks, Astula Ltd

"The pre-recorded element of the course was split up into bitesize chunks really well and the content was informative and thought-provoking. The live element has brought it all together. Even for someone who has been in recruitment over 20 years I have learnt so much from Mitch and Jackie as well as the other participants."

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